Thursday 30 December 2010

"I am doing it my way" - Rehman Malik on reciting the Quran wrongly

New media age is cruel - you slip and the whole world gets to laugh at your expense within minutes. Only foolish thing you can do is to justify your slip up. I have known many "Muslims" who can not recite the Kalima properly let alone anyother surah from the Quran - I have never seen them defending their ignorance like Rehman Malik does in the Cabinet meeting. Perhaps he is getting too used to making defensive but worng statements in his day job. What an utter disgrace!

"Main Apnay Hisab say parrh raha hoon" "I am doing it myway"

A simple but beautiful poem on Jannah by Ammar Alshukry

A fellow blogger Teeth Maestro twittered about this beautiful poem by Ammar Alshukry and I found it good enough to share with my readers.


Friday 17 December 2010

Has TIME magazine lost touch with the masses!

TIME Magazine asked readers to vote for "TIME's 2010 Person of Year" highlighting that their editors reserve the right to disagree with the voting public. Poll results were as follows:

1 Julian Assange 382026
2 Recep Tayyip Erdogan 233640
3 Lady Gaga 146378
4 Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert 78145
5 Glenn Beck 91746
6 Barack Obama 27478
7 Steve Jobs 24810
8 The Chilean Miners 29124
9 The Unemployed American 19605
10 Mark Zuckerberg 18353

And the editors chose to disagree. TIME's 2010 person of the year is not Julian Assange with 382026 votes but Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg with only 18353 votes. Though TIME's editors were upfront about their choice for not listening to the readers voice and chose someone who was considered to be far less influential in 2010, no wonder readers are chosing other ways to make their voice heard - by not subscribing to TIME - reportedly TIME's circulation dropped by 30% in second half of 2009 alone. Can Wisdom of the crowd be ignored in this age of social media!