Tuesday 17 February 2009

Staying quiet any more is a crime against humanity!

"Heaven on earth" Swat valley has been bleeding for many months now at the hands of thugs branding themselves as local "Taliban" movement. It is a catastrophy that the state of Pakistan has so easily cA view of Swat valley in Pakistanapitulated under pressure from these mindless criminals who have been terrorising the local population for over a year and has agreed to impose some form of "Sharia law". For Taliban movement Sharia appears to be nothing more than imposing their own brand of dictatorship giving them ability to burn down girls schools, treat women like poultry, and chop hands and heads to satisfy their sadistic whims. They forget that in Islam you establish a fair and just welfare state before you can impose strict sharia law. I for one would like to see, one day, implementation of Islamic laws in Pakistan but not before a free and fair society and state is in place.

Present government of Pakistan has learnt a chapter or two from the rule book of ex military dictator General Musharraf on how to keep the world fooled about the dangers of growing fundamentalism in Pakistan while parleying with the small relegious fundamentalist minority in North and West of the country.

Silent majority in Pakistan has stayed silent for a long time. Using the power of vote the electorate threw out the corrupt so called islamic minded government in NWFP during the last elections. This was only a beginning - the majority needs to speak out. Dangers that Pakistan face today are more from within than from outside. Staying quite anymore is a crime against humanity.

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