Thursday 21 April 2011

"Muslims Against Crusades" do not represent Muslims in Britain. Speak out if you agree!

There are likely to be millions of British Citizens who do not agree with many of the policies of the British government - our Foreign policy is normally on top of the list of contentious ones. We live in a free and open society where there are democratic processes in place to record our disagreement, or make policy changes happen.

There are among us fringe radical groups who claim to be representatives of one cause or another, but in the absence of any wider democratic base they adapt the tactics of shock and awe through their appalling behaviour.

As a British Muslim I have always been appalled at the views and actions of radical groups who falsely but unashamedly claim to represent me, a British Muslim. These are groups like Muhajiroon, Islam4UK or their latest incarnation "Muslims against Crusades".

Their actions and ways of protest are appalling without exception.

When they protest at the funerals of British soldiers - they are not airing their feelings against any illegal wars - they are disrespecting and hurting not only the grieving mothers and families who have lost their loved ones but also the mothers and families whose sons and daughters are in combat situations overseas. These ordinary British citizens, just like me, are not the ones who make the foreign policy - they are not the ones to pick an issue with.

When they decided to burn poppies on remembrance day, they were not protesting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were disrespecting the memories of millions who gave their lives fighting against tyranny and evil in the World Wars. There is a clear line where protest becomes a brutal attack on someone else's feelings and values. Publicity whore from the US Terry Jones is a modern day example of those who cross this line. I do not see any difference between Terry Jones and people like Anjem Chowdhry. Al-Muhajiroon, Islam4UK cross this line time and again and now "Muslims Against Crusades" is planning to the same by staging protests at the Royal Wedding.

I still have to come across another fellow Muslim in the UK who agrees with their views or actions. "Muslims Against Crusades" do not speak for me or for any other Muslim that I know in my community. I am saying it loud and clear. Other British Muslims need to stand up and be counted as well.


  1. Ah....the sound of "Taquiyya" is so subtle sometimes.

    "We do not subscribe to this"..."Stand up and be counted".... how do we know that this isnt just another lie muslims so readilly spin to get us into a sense of false security so the effort to deal with the problem will be relieved a bit?

    The problem is, I personally do not believe a single word a muslim says after the years of abuse and cutting throats they have poured on dozens of societies throughout the world.

    Where does the "Taquiyya" end, and where does truth begin?

  2. Oh yes of course , but we all know (all We) being the host population of white English people who can trace our ancestral roots back to William 1st know deep in our hearts that you Muslims so called moderates secretly wish for a new Islamic republic in Britain and that you don’t exactly go on large scale moderate Muslim marches in your thousands to support democracy and free speech DO YOU
    Perhaps if you did we might take your comments seriously
    Until then we will always regard you as an alien backward culture desert dogma hell bent on destroying our way of life by mass infiltration, breeding and invasion by stealth until your numbers grow to a point that you will become a significant political force to force change ,along with your apologists the liberal elite (who foolishly thing they can control you) to establish and reduce England to an Islamic backwater under an Islamic State