Thursday 15 August 2013

Pehlay Hum Pakistani Hain - Heather Schmid American singer's tribute to Pakistan Independence day 2013

"Five things you don’t know about Pakistanis’: “Passion; hospitality; smartness and intelligence; fun-loving and caring", says Heather Schmid famous US soprano, musician and singer. 

Along with her Pakistani husband Dr Syed Rafay Mehdi, Heather has been visiting Pakistan since the devastating earthquakes of 2005 and fallen in love with the country since. She is now a self appointed global Ambassador for Pakistan. “It’s the humanity that draws me to this country. I am Pakistan’s ambassador, well, self-elected,”

“Every time I’m about to visit Pakistan, everyone from my manager, lawyer, agent and even my friends try to talk me out of it. I want to tell them about samosa chaat, the spices that feel like they will burn your tongue off and so many other great things along with the people who sincerely welcome us here. That’s a unique Pakistani trait, you don’t find it in America,”

Pehlay Hum Pakistani Hain - released on 14 August 2013

"Heather is a new breed of pop star. She feels herself as part of the global village. She is a citizen of the world and wants to help shrink the boundaries between us. Her music is a vehicle to build bridges between our countries and speak the universal language of music."

"Heather has been singing since age 8. She trained all through out her early years at an internationally acclaimed music school in Connecticut and then received a full talent scholarship to Boston University to train as an opera singer and learn music composition, and piano."

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Enjoy the lovely song.

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