Monday 30 August 2010

Recall the Pakistan cricket team right away, arrest on arrival and try in a court of law like common crooks that they are.

Shame of a Nation - Pakistan cricket match fixing scandal
Story run by the News of the World newspaper in the UK has all the circumstancial evidence to prove that there is something rotten going on inside the entire cricket world. Pakistanis were stupid enough to get caught. If Pakistan cricket is to survive from this latest scandal the need to to do the following:
  • cancel the forthcoming one day series forthwith and recall the cricket team back. According to media reports the outcome of that series has been predecided by the betting world. It doesn't really matter whether remaining matches are played honestly or not, whatever the result it will be tainted. Continuation of the current series will create unnecessary media frenzy and delay anti-corruption proceedings against the culprits.
  • Arrest the team on arrival at the airport and let the National Accountability Bureau investigate the corruption charges like they are supposed to do for anyother corrupt public figures in Pakistan.
  • All those proven to be guilty should be banned for playing all forms of cricket in and out of Pakistan. They should also serve jail terms appropriate to their crime.
There have been previous attempts at investigating and bringing the culprits to justice. Enquiry lead by Justice Qayyum in its report fell short of implicating the so called heroes of Pakistan cricket and recommended action mostly against those who were in effect out of the lime light.

It is time for Pakistan cricket to bite the bullet and make an examples of those who have brought shame to a nation of cricket fanatics.


  1. Sorry sir, I am totally disagree with you. If PCB take steps according to your suggestion, it will provide more fuel to fire.

    We need to understand that, allegations are allegations. Even ICC announce to take further action after investigations, so why we should take some aggressive actions against alleged players now?

  2. @Asad. I agree with the spirit of your comment. I too believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Please have a look at the details of material provided by News of the World. There is enough "circumstantial evidence" already. UK police are looking at the money found in the rooms of Pakistani cricketer and should soon be able to link the money in the rooms with the money NOTW gave to the bookie. I stand by my recommendations. Without making an example of this lot by treating them as common criminals that they are the doors for corruption will remain open.

  3. As some one put it, 'Haath Howla rakhain',,, They are from us and we are from them....part of the same nation be it politicians, mullahs, bureaucrats or players... so no surprises here, its merely a reflection of a generally diminished national character. Rizwan