Monday 22 June 2009

Cricketing nomads paint the Lords green

They are the pariahs of the cricketing world. No sporting nation in their right mind wants to travel to their country to play cricket or any other sport for that matter. World cricketing powers, due to vested political interests of certain friends with whom we share history and geographical boundaries, are bent upon stripping them down of any role in the global cricket community. They have not played much inernational cricket over the last two years because at home the powers to be are generally incompetent and more interested in petty politics. Their own performance has been less then ordinary and patchy during this period. Their moral character has been marred by allegations of drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and ball tempering.

Yet the nomads of the cricketing world Pakistan picked up the Twenty Twenty cricket world cup last night to remind the world why they, despite all their problems, have always been one of the most exciting teams to play with. They also provided a nation starving for good news something to cheer about.

Lords cricket ground is not used to the noise, colour and excitement that comes along with matches played by Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Last night was a spectacle but a clear indicator for the cricketing authories in Pakistan on the preferred course of action for future. Due to security concerns, that the world very rightly has, about travelling to and playing in Pakistan sports will be in exile for the coming few years. UK is second home to Pakistan cricket and can provide enough fan base for "home cricket" to be played here. Do not let these talented cricketing nomads rot in obscurity. While our armed forces and political masters try to tackle the Taliban menace at home, let the boys play international sports overseas at our second home.

And well done! to Sri Lanka. No other team deserved to be in the finals than you. It was not just the night for your talented team.

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