Thursday 31 March 2016

In Defence of the "Mullah" "Maulvi" and the "Maulana"

Recent religiously motivated protests across Pakistan made visible a new breed of mostly bearded protestors who knowingly or unknowingly were caught on camera using the filthiest possible language full of unthinkable profanities directed at the government officials and those who do not agree with their political views. Videos recordings of these foul tirades have hit the social and other digital media and there is an uproar among general educated decent people at the ascent of this new breed of so called "Mullahs". This brings me to the point of this post - these foul mouthed characters are not Mullahs!

Not every person sporting a beard is a Maulana, Mullah, or Maulvi. Not every Madrassa (religious school) in Pakistan is a breeding ground for extremism. The two symbols of virtuous Islam have been hijacked in Pakistan by a large majority of failed-every-where-else-in-life morons with tacit approval of self serving religious establishment, political opportunists, and military dictators.

These people do not have a right to represent Islam in no way form or shape. Ordinary decent people need to take that right away from them. While showing and commenting on there deeds, views, and language we should not give them the status of representatives of Islam by calling them Maulvis, Mullahs, Maulanas, Ashiqan-e-Rasool, religious protestors. They are none of these. Semantics matter when presenting a narrative.

There is also a dire need for real Ulama-e-Deen (religious scholars) to take note of this, come forward, and not be swept away by the lure of street power through thugs.

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