Tuesday 3 March 2009

Sri Lanka Zindabad (Long Live Sri Lanka)

Today's attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers are a poignant reminder of the state of anarchy we are facing. This is a dark day for Pakistan cricket and a dark day for our international relations. When the cricket playing nations of the world were closing their doors and no one wanted to contemplate a visit to Pakistan it was the brave Sri Lankans who stood by us and despite all negative advisories came to play here. At a time when even Pakistanis living overseas think twice before going on a holiday to Pakistan they came - there bravery and courage is exemplary. Their bravery should been respected they should have been treated better. In the land of hospitality their treatment has ashamed us. My heart goes out to the cricketers, their families, and to Sri Lankan nation. On behalf of my nation, I am sorry.

Our leaders will soon be making hollow promises to bring the perpetrators of this atrocity to justice and to conduct swift investigations to catch the culprits. And, of course, there will be ceremonial pointing of fingers towards India – quid pro quo for Mumbai.

Speaking to BBC this Sunday Russian Oligarch Alexander Lebedev was commenting on how the current global economic crisis might affect Russia. He commented "we have a primitive economy based on raw materials...infrastructure is fifty years old on average and has to be scrapped completely. We are not producing anything. Our political system provides for no competition, no proper elections, no proper parliament, no proper media, no judicial system - that means if the government commits a blunder there is no one to correct it".

In Alexander Lebedev's statement I subconsciously replaced "Russia" with "Pakistan" and found it equally relevant. Our political system has failed time and again, parliament is ineffectual, Judiciary is busy dealing with its own identity crisis and there is no security for common citizens let alone the visitors. With all her ills Russia has not reached a point of self annihilation as Pakistan is rapidly.

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